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ICBM Marketing System for Divvee Social
The Complete Marketing System
Our Target... is Your Success
* 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
ICBM  Marketing System 
is a Complete Automated System For Divvee Affiliates
Here are Just a Few of the Major Features
SMS Auto Responder
automated SMS sequential Messaging System, Getting Read rates as high as 92%
Email Auto Responder
Email marketing is the easiest way to send patterns of emails automatically
Email & SMS Broadcaster
Fast, flexible, reliable, high conversion communication with a large audience...
Full Contact Management System
Improve the quality of your interactions and your close rate by better organizing your follow up...
Lead Scoring System
Lead scoring allows you to focus on the people that are most ready to buy...
Lead Funnel System
Capture, organize, qualify, respond and close sales to a large volume of leads...
ICBM SMS/Text Message Automatic Autoresponder 
Its Time to Stop Marketing Like It's 1999...
Get Your  Divvee Message Into the Hands of Your Prospects, Leads and Team members Cheaper, Easier, Faster and More Effectively!
In studies, The ICBM Marketing System's powerful SMS system has shown 93% of all text messages get read within 24 hrs.  The SMS autoresponder insures your leads, prospects,and team members will read about Divvee and why Divvee is one of the best opportunities today!
"Did You Know"
Facts About SMS...
Automated Email Autoresponder
Why should you spend time building an email list? Because email marketing is still the revenue engine of most Internet businesses, whether they’re Internet marketing gurus, SAAS businesses, ecommerce sites or anything else. As the saying goes, “The money is in the list.” The ICBM Marketing System sends 7 "done for you" pre-written emails to your leads and prospects over 30 days. These emails explain the Divvee business  and upgrade options and why right now is the best time to get started, and how to maximize their earnings doing rank and share activities. This helps to insure that you get the most commission from your team and downline and assures that they earn and enjoy the Divvee experience.  
73% of Internet Marketers Say
that email is Core to their Business
Email & SMS Broadcast System
The ICBM Marketing Broadcast System allows you to send out up to 2 broadcasts per month to your entire list. This powerful feature allows you to notify old prospects and leads of changes , enhancements, etc to the Divvee opportunity that will give them a reason to take a second look. This allows you to re-engage old leads and prospects who may not have been interested weeks or months ago but now will join your Divvee team. Also, the broadcast system allows you to send out reminders to your team on training special events and even reminders to perform Rank and Share activities that not only increase their rewards and earnings but also your commissions!
The Powerful Email and SMS Broadcast System allows you to reach out to your team, leads and Prospects any time there is an update or information you Wish to share.
contact management system
Let's Take an Inside Look at the Powerful ICBM Marketing Contact Management System
Contact management is a cornerstone of our software. Every lead generated from a capture page is a contact. Also, every member has a contact record associated with them. You have the full contact info - Name, Email and Cell phone. Also, the system allows you to enter notes for follow up, set scheduled appointments etc. The system will even send a text reminder to your cell phone 10 minutes prior to your appointment to remind you not to be late! 
Never  miss or forget an appointment or follow up call again!
Lead / Prospect Scoring System
The ICBM Marketing System automatically gives your prospect and leads a score from 1-10. Lead scoring is the act of ranking prospects against a pre-determined set of criteria to help determine which will be most valuable. The higher the lead score, the more qualified the lead or hotter the lead. The higher point leads and prospects should have priority on contacting them ASAP.

It works: 68% of “highly effective and efficient” marketers pointed to lead scoring as a top revenue contributor.

If that’s not enough to prove the benefits of lead scoring, the process also yields:
  •  Fewer Opportunities Lost
  • Less Time Wasted
  •  Higher Closing of leads and prospects
  •  Higher Lead Return On Investment
  •  Increased Conversion Rates
Lead Funnel System
Our lead funnels and capture pages have proven, compelling content that persuades visitors to click through. Their contact information is captured and then used to automatically follow up. The capture pages entice the prospect to learn more and then spells out the advantages of enrolling with you in Divvee Social.

It also provides additional information on the benefits of upgrading to a paid influencer. All of the content prepares the prospect for the automated follow up and direct contact by you. A relationship is established because of the personalized nature of each page in the capture page series.
Finally, our lead funnels are frequently updated as they are constantly spilt tested to improve the conversion ratio of opt ins and new member sign ups. This is done to insure you get only the best, proven and tested lead funnels... saving you time, money and increasing your Divvee earnings
ICBM Media's Mission is to help “Rocket Your Profits”
Divvee Social Lead Funnel
Opt in page - Page #1
Information page - Page #2
Upgrade page - Page #3
Call to Action page- Page #4
ICBM Marketing System Features
  •  Automated Email Autoresponder
  •  Multiple  Email Groups - Lead, Free, Paid            Influencer)
  • Pre Written E-mails For Every Group
  •  Emails Branded With Your                                     Name, Contact Info, Sign-Up Url 
  •  In-Depth Stats and Reports of All                           Marketing and Traffic
  •  Full Contact Management System
  •  Email Broadcast Ability
  •  Video Help Center & Monthly Live                         Webinar Training         
  •   Personal Profile Picture Displayed
  •  Ability To Direct Prospect to Webinar                   Events of your choice
  •  24 Hr Email Support (Live Chat by June 21st) 
  •  SMS /Text Messaging Autoresponder
  •  Multiple SMS Groups -Lead, Free, Paid             Influencer
  • Pre-Written SMS Messages For Every                   Group
  •  SMS Broadcast Ability
  •  Multiple  Contact Methods Listed -                       Phone, Email, What's App, Facebook
  •  URL Shortener
  •  Link Tracking
  •  SMS Reminder for Appointments/Follow             Up Calls
  •  Lead Scoring System
  •  Ability to Add Contacts Into Marketing             System
  •  Talking 3D Avatars That increase Lead             And Sign-up Conversions
Frequently asked questions?
Will there be more then One Funnel Template to Select From?
We will be creating and testing new templates and adding them to the available template choices. We are constantly striving to find the highest opt in and conversion rates through our testing and then provide them to you.
Do you Offer A Lifetime Option?
Yes, we do offer a lifetime membership option. There is a  substantial savings that is offered for a limited time. Details below.
Can I edit the Funnel Page?
No, for the protection of you and others, we do not allow you to edit the page. We have spent weeks, months, even years testing various elements of the funnel and the current version has been optimized to produce the best results. We will continue to test and optimize according to the testing results that we receive in the future. 
Do You Offer Any Training On the System?
Yes, there is recorded training for each element of the marketing system. Once you are a member you will have a link to the training area. This training will be updated on a frequent basis with answers to frequently asked questions.
Can I Cancel At Any Time?
Absolutely! You will have access until the end of your billing period. Your membership will be active through the end of your billing period. Please note if you cancel at the special price and then decide to begin again in the future, the price will be at the prevailing rate at that time.
What is the ICBM Refund Policy?
We have a 14 Day "No Questions Asked" Refund Policy. If, for any reason, you decide that the compete marketing system is not for you, we will happily refund your money, At any time after 14 days you can discontinue your monthly automatic billing by contacting us at the contact information listed at the bottom of the page.
Am I limited to the number of SMS messages I can send per month
Each member has a monthly limit of 100 text messages (100 credits). Extra credits can be purchased in the event you want to send more than the allotted limit.

How big can my Subscriber list be?
Your subscriber list is 1000. Higher subscriber limits can be purchased if needed. Please note that subscribers can be added manually but there is a daily/monthly limit.
Do you Offer any Support?
We are committed to helping our customers as much as we can. We offer 24 hour per day, 7 day per week email support. Response is normally the same day. Within 30 days or less we will expand our customer support desk to a combination of live chat and email support 24 hours per day. Live chat will have specific hours. Email support will be 24 hours per day, 7days per week.
Can I export my Contact list?
Yes, Members can export their contacts to a csv file. (can be opened by Microsoft Excel)
Price Increases in:
Lifetime Offer- Best offer!  

ICBM Marketing system - Monthly Auto Billed
Billed Monthly - no set up fee
Price Locked in will NEVER rise
  • Price Locked In, Never Pay More!
  • Cancel at Any Timer
  • Once site is create there is no refund
  • Free  Unlimited Access To Members Marketing Training Area
One Payment -Lifetime SUBSCRIPTION 
One Payment
Never pay again 

  • Never Pay Another Penny Ever
  • Once site is create there is no refund
  • A Lifetime of Savings
  • Free  Unlimited Access To Members Marketing Training Area
Annual Offer Closes PERMANENTLY in

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